Playing with Powertex

Hi guys. This was the result of my first attempt at using Powertex, the idea was to see what happens to different materials when they are stuck to a canvas. I dipped them into the Ivory Powertex, rang out any excess and placed them onto my canvas. I’m really pleased with the outcome even though it was just a practice run for a Christmas gift I planned to make. First I used an old t-shirt and a reeled-up piece of string.

I did my best to wrinkle all the materials up while sticking them to my canvas to give it a little more depth. I then added a small piece of hessian which when dried feels amazing.

When I purchased the Powertex they had some accessories which I found very interesting and couldn’t wait to try out. 3D sand & Balls which come in 4 sizes of stone like balls ranging from sand size to about 5mm round. They worked great, really fun texture.

Once I had applied all the materials I wanted to use I sprayed the canvas with another product from Powertex called Bister Sprays. They come in a range of colours so I decided to use a few on this project since I was just having a play with it. Once applied I dried with a hair dryer on the coolest setting as instructed and this is what created the cracked effect.

Overall this was a really fun learning experience and I really enjoyed using this product. The effects are amazing, it dries completely solid and it really nice just to stroke (as strange as that sounds). Have you used Powertex? What did you make? If you haven’t I would recommend it, have a go even if it’s just for fun. Happy Crafting!