About Me

Lyndsey wadham (Winnie)

Me & Mum

Hi my name is, well that’s kind of a complicated thing, my real name is Lyndsey but most people know me as Winnie and have done since i was a child so lets stick with that for now. I have been crafting, creating and making things for many years and I love to try new things. I’m a messy crafter so my hands are always covered in ink, paint and glue but at the same time i’m very organised so everything has its place in my craft room. I currently care for my Mum full time as she has MS and is in a wheelchair, and I have done for many years. I do my best to care for her, helping her do whatever she needs to and the little free time I do get is spent creating. I would love for you to come along with me on my creative journey, join in and perhaps begin your own.